These are just a few of my interests…

Optics & Photonics

Anything related to lasers, optical systems and really anything involving a photon at some point or another.

General Physics & Maths

Some stuff related to physics that I used to teach (as a PhD student, not a professor) at EPFL.

Astronomy & Space

I have been looking at the stars since I’m 6… It’s sort of a life long passion to me.


Stuff that is mostly Python related, as this is my favorite language… There might also be some C++, HTML or CSS in the mix. I am also very much into open source.


Section for everything related to photography, from some of my pictures to some Gimp tricks, passing by some tutorials about photography in general that I think can help some people understand better what this is all about.


This is very much my own personal thoughts about various subjects. All opinions expressed here are mine and only engage myself. It can include stuff about teaching, nutrition, management, sports, philosophy, news, and many more…