About me

Hi! I am Mario Tonin, an optical system architect based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with 10 years of experience in optics and photonics, both in a research and in an industrial setting. I especially enjoy working on complex tasks in a laboratory where extreme precision is required.

My main drive is to identify promising new technologies in my field and adapt them to an industrial setting, creating new procedures and optimizing the process flows to create new high precision products or help people create those products.

I decided to do this website as a way to share with the world a few things that I find interesting. Mostly because I enjoy teaching things, but I also love learning new things and making my own website is scratching that itch somehow. I also think that by documenting my thoughts and knowledge, I could be useful for some people out there. In the end, I guess I just wanted to “give back” to the internet after all these years.