This is a list of all my publications in peer reviewed journals and conference journals, most of them done in my PhD years…

If the papers are not open access, remember that you can use sci-hub to download them using the title, or the doi number.

2017 – Resonant Optical Trapping in Microfluidic-Integrated Hollow Photonic Crystal Cavities

Nano-Optics: Principles Enabling Basic Research and Applications

2016 – Thermal fluctuation analysis of singly optically trapped spheres in hollow photonic crystal cavities

Applied Physics Letters

2016 – Hybrid PDMS/glass microfluidics for high resolution imaging and application to sub-wavelength particle trapping

Lab on a chip

2014 – High-Q silicon photonic crystal cavity for enhanced optical nonlinearities

Applied Physics Letters

2013 – Observation of backaction and self-induced trapping in a planar hollow photonic crystal cavity

Physical Review Letters

2013 – Single particle detection, manipulation and analysis with resonant optical trapping in photonic crystals

Lab on a Chip

2012 – Frequency conversion from IR to UV of high peak power ultrafast fiber amplifier

Fiber Laser Application

2010 – Electrophoretic mobility of a growing cell studied by photonic force microscope

Applied Physics Letters