NEOWISE seen from my garden

I know, this comet was seen 1 and a half year ago, but I didn’t had a blog then, so I have to do it now…

I simply wanted to show off some of my pictures I took with a simple EOS100D and a 18-55 mm zoom lens. Nothing fancy really, but it was enough to capture the comet NEOWISE in July 2020, which was the brightest comet in a while visible in the northern hemisphere.

These are a bunch of pictures, all taken with a simple EOS100D at various focal length. I stacked roughly 10-15 pictures for each final picture. Each individual picture with an integration time of 10 seconds to limit the trail on the stars since I only used a simple non-motorized tripod. I then did the stacking by hand in Gimp.

The comet was slightly visible with the naked eye, but it is something else seeing it in the picture. It was still rather impressive. Waiting for the next one!