Special blog shout-out: https://ciechanow.ski/

So this post is a simple shout-out to some other blog I discovered a few months ago. At the time, I was browsing hacker news and saw this post about optics. Great! I love hacker news for this. They mostly have posts about computers and programming but every now and then, there is a post about something totally unrelated, be it optics, physics, environment, etc… but always some quality content. This time, it was this blog: https://ciechanow.ski/, and I have to say, I am amazed by the work this guy has been doing. His blog is filled with in depth articles like the ones I wish I could write, given enough time. He goes from the bottom to the top of every subject, from optics, to gears, but also boats and recently watches.

What really separates his blog from others is the visualisation that he adds, which really clear everything up. It’s not simple pictures either, it is full 3D simulations, with the possibility to play with parameters, stop time, observe under a different angle, and so on. And as a visual learner myself, I find it so useful to be able to preview a concept and play with setting to get a feeling of what happens. To top all of this, his code is open source. I gave a quick peak, and holly molly it is well done. I really wish I could do that one day, but I can only imagine the amount of time that one has to spend to create this sort of quality content.

Anyway, go check his blog: it is well worth your time.